Garden Turf Dewsbury

Looking for freshly cut quality farm grown turf in Dewsbury?

Dewsbury, like many towns and cities in West Yorkshire is a mill town, important in 19th century for wool manufacture. Dewsbury is linked to Hull and Manchester by the Calder and Hebble Navigation canal network which was important during the Industrial Revolution. Dewsbury"s textile industry survived until the oil crisis in the mid 1970s. Dewsbury is just over 60 miles from Sherburn. It is close to the M62 which links easily with the A1 and then the A64 on which Fineland Turfs farm is situated. It should take about an hour to drive and within our delivery range.

Fineland Turf is ideally situated to provided Dewsbury customers with freshly cut quality farm grown turf. With 25 years experience Fineland are one of the longest running turf growers in the Yorkshire region. Turf is cut to order and sent out often next day to Yorkshire customers ensuring the healthiest turf possible. We also offer a turf laying service to Dewsbury and surrounding West Yorkshire areas.

To ensure the best start for turf for all our Dewsbury customers we recommend using our free flowing topsoil to treat the immediate area to be laid. This will ensure your lawn turf gets the best start with direct contact with the soil for all the turf root system.

Dewsbury customers can calculate exact lawn turf and topsoil requirements using our online calculator or you can call Gary, the owner on 01723 376977 for an informal, no obligation chat about your requirements. Whatever your lawn turf or topsoil needs, Fineland Turf can help.